Who are You Fighting?

I’m tired this morning.

I’m tired of the enemy and his lies. I’m tired of watching other people fall for his lies. I’m tired of being bamboozled by the lies too.

Time after time I have fallen short, not believed, and just plain missed the mark because of lies. The enemy is good at whispering falsities into my ear. He’ll tell me that I’m lonely and I believe it. Loneliness, in turn, opens the door for other things. Satan manipulates our emotions, plants seeds, and causes us to respond negatively; in contrary to the word of God. He is the master manipulator. He is the father of lies. Jesus said of Satan, “when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

We’ve all heard about the murders that took place in South Carolina. The white, 21-year-old decided that he would go to a church and kill black people. I won’t go into details. You can find those for yourself all over the internet. Furthermore, the details of the murders is far from the point of this post.

I’m tired.

When things like this happen, folks begin to question. They question motives. They question government. They question religion. I totally understand that. When a senseless tragedy occurs, we want answers! We began looking at one another and pointing the finger. It’s Obama’s fault! We need gun-control! It’s the white man’s fault! It’s racism!

Now, I’m not innocent. When Freddie Gray died, I was upset. I was mad at people who had an issue with the rioters. I was mad that they didn’t understand how the people in Baltimore felt! Yes, I was tired of black men being treated like dangerous animals. I was tired of them being killed for NOTHING!

Do I see something wrong with what Dylann Roof did? YES! Do I think that racism plays a part in it? YES!

But this is where we miss it: We aren’t fighting what we can see. We are fighting the unseen. Ephesians 6:12 says that

we wrestle, NOT against flesh and blood; but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

For believers, why is this so hard to understand? The spirit realm is MORE real than this earth that you see. There are powers and principalities that are ruling. Who do you think is behind racism??? Who do you think is behind murder??? Where do you think these thoughts and ideas come from? No one is born a racist. No one wakes up one day and says, “I think I’m going to hate white people today.” There are seeds that are sewn. And the seeds don’t come from flesh and blood. How can you be a believer and NOT believe?

We’ve fault flesh and blood long enough. And where has it gotten us? Nowhere. When will we start to fight the principalities, the powers, and the devils behind this madness? You better believe Satan is rejoicing right now, seeing even believers fight and persecute others because of his work. It’s like watching two people fight over something that you know you really were the cause of. You’re just standing on the outside, watching them rip each other apart, knowing that you are really the perpetrator.

The next thing that I’m tired of is this deception that Jesus isn’t real. I see posts on FB that question Jesus’ sovereignty in the matter. They ask where He is. They wonder why prayers didn’t stop the tragic events in South Carolina.

I honestly believe that Satan’s greatest feat is convincing the world that neither he or Jesus exists; that Jesus is some made up man used to keep the black man under control.

I’m tired.

The truth is that heaven and hell are real. The truth is that when you leave this earth, you will either hear, well done thou good and faithful servant or depart from me, I knew ye not. The truth is that Jesus came to this earth to save YOUR soul. He got up on a cross, bearing all of your sins, and died. He took on all of your faults, your mistakes, your accidents, and your slip-ups. And then, he defeated death (the penalty for your sin) when he rose from the dead. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve read how people don’t believe in Jesus or religion, but they believe in a creator. Okay. Then, why would your creator allow these things to happen? Why attack Jesus? That, in itself, is an anti-Christ spirit. But I digress. Think about the things that you are saying. It doesn’t even make any sense!

The truth is that there WILL BE troubles in this present life. The truth is that human beings have free-will. No one is controlled by the Lord. He allows you to make your own decisions. But as a believer, we have to realize that our end is not this earth. This is not our home. Eternity is on the other side. This life is a vapor. We are only here for a little while, and then it’s over. James 4:14 We have to remember that this earth is where we gather. We’re gathering souls for eternity. We’re snatching people from the pits of hell. I wish we could see the enemy behind this thing. I wish we could see the spirit of racism. I wish we could see the spirit of hate. I wish we could see the spirit of murder. It’s real. And it’s operating.

I’m not trying to excuse the 21-year-old of his actions. He made a decision. He did it. No doubt. But I can’t overlook the fact that we wrestle not against flesh and blood! We have got to get to the root of this problem that is running rampant in the United States. And it’s not a white man. It’s not a black man. It’s not gun control. It’s not the government. It’s spiritual wickedness in high places. And once we understand this truth, we can operate in power and use the weapons of this warfare, which aren’t carnal. But they are mighty through God to the pulling down of these strongholds that are causing chaos in this world.

And while we stand and fight, let’s not forget that troubles will come. Trouble is here! All of these things are happening and scripture is just being fulfilled. But be of good cheer. Because the Lord has overcome the world. We are overcomers. There is no need to fear. We have peace in Jesus Christ. Notice how those who don’t want to believe are angry and want to fight back. But all this is doing is causing more pain and suffering. It’s an endless, pointless cycle. We have to be mindful that this place is not our home. And when we realize that, we can begin to make a change.

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