Beyoncé. What’s the Big Deal?

I am unashamedly sold out for Jesus Christ. I don’t sugar coat things. I don’t put on a show. I don’t attempt to act like I’m better than anyone. I just tell the truth. After all, we were commissioned to preach the gospel. Preach actually means to speak, talk, address, expound, deliver. God has done […]

Who are You Fighting?

I’m tired this morning. I’m tired of the enemy and his lies. I’m tired of watching other people fall for his lies. I’m tired of being bamboozled by the lies too. Time after time I have fallen short, not believed, and just plain missed the mark because of lies. The enemy is good at whispering […]

Caitlyn… Bruce… Who’s to Blame?

Alright. I was bothered from the moment I laid eyes on Caitlyn. I sat in front of the computer trying to wrap my mind around what I was seeing. Little did I know that there is an entire community of transgenders. Bruce has truly opened me up to another world. But am I shocked? No. […]