It’s 10:23pm. BK has been in bed since 8:30. Thank God, she went to bed without putting up a fight. I’ve been using the quiet time to work on my website. I used to write all the time. But when I became pregnant, I slacked off. I felt like too much of my personal life was on the internet. My identity isn’t a secret. And I wasn’t ready to share that part of me with the world. My pregnancy was hard. I felt alone and abandoned. I was depressed. It’s a miracle that I have such a happy child. She came out healthy and full of joy. The Lord truly kept her because I was a mess. I think I’m ready to talk about it now, share how the Lord brought me through (is still bringing me through), and how He has completely turned things around.

I have so much to say. I don’t even know where to begin. It just feels good to write again. *exhales*

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