>Learning -Having to make difficult decisions in my life has caused me to take a step back and look at myself. I have had to ponder what’s important to me, what I can and can’t deal with, what I want out of life, what I want in a mate, and what I want from myself. I’ve also thought about the things that I want out of me: the areas that aren’t like God. Create in me a clean heart and renew in me the right spirit. I call that learning.

Living – In 2010, I’ve set goals for myself. I know where I want to be and what I want to do. The hard part is getting there. Picture this: You’re standing on the bank of a river. The waters are dark and waves are turning over everywhere. You look across the way and see yourself; the self that you want to be with all of your goals accomplished. But there is no bridge. That’s how I feel. Everyday, I’m taking steps to get there;  whether it be to pass up on that chocolate chip cookie for the sake of my health or to playing around with my budget spreadsheet, all of these things add up. I’m becoming a healthier, smarter me. I call this living.

Becoming -The things that used to move me don’t have an affect on me anymore. The arguments that used to weigh me down aren’t allowed that much control anymore. The friendships that were lost don’t depress me. The pain that I’m in doesn’t make me curse my God. I’m running this race. And when I get tired, I’ll walk. If I stumble, I’ll crawl. But I’ll never stop going. I’ll never drop out. I call this becoming.

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  1. >Aww, looks like FullComplexity is all the way on her Grown Woman thing.Agreed, it's all about taking steps to get there. Takings steps to get anywhere, actually.Good luck.

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