I’ve been slacking in the most royal way. I’ve neglected the One source of my strength and being. I haven’t read my Bible the way that I should. I read a few verses here and there and keep it moving. That is a far cry from the amount of time that I usually spend actually studying the Word.

I’ve become lazy in my prayer life also.  Waking up and throwing a few quick sentences to God on my way out the door is not acceptable; at least not for the relationship that we have. I can’t speak for your relationship with Him, but mine requires a lot more than that.

I’m gonna get back on track. Every time I start to lose focus, I start staring at insignificant details and events that are petty and are only there to create roadblocks which, if left unchecked, can create strongholds.

So, I’m getting back on track. I’ll use my lunch break to do some studying and praying.

I’m so glad God is a loving, forgiving father who always welcomes us back with open arms. 🙂
With that, I leave you with an oldie but goodie:
I walk into work today and immediately smell syrup. So, I ask two of my co-worker buddies if they smell syrup. They both reply that its the coffee that I smell. Ok. So, i sit at my desk and began my morning ritual. But I still smell syrup!!! So I ask again if anyone had some pancakes, some waffles, some something??? The smell was making me hungry. So, I got up and went to McDonald’s and got me some hotcakes. Not bad for 2 dollars. I thought maybe the smell would go away if I actually succumbed to the craving. Nope, I still smell it.
Anywho… on my way to McDonald’s I catch Yolanda Adam’s Points of Power. They were talking about being in fellowship with God and trusting in Him. I promise you that if you ask God for something, He will give it to you or show you what you need to do in order to get it.

I know that God is real. I know that He is with me. But sometimes, I feel alone. I don’t hear Him like I should. I don’t trust Him like I should. If I did, I wouldn’t get into these situations where I worry and doubt. Think about it. If you had 100% ultimate trust and faith in knowing that your Father is almighty and all powerful and that He has promised to never leave you, you would never worry about a thing.

So, as they were talking, it dawned on me that in order to have complete trust, you have to know the Word of God. How can you trust Him when you know none of His promises? How can you trust someone that you know nothing about? That is an area that I lack in. Yes, I’m doing better now. That’s because I realized that in those moments of worry, fear, or doubt that I must confess the word out loud. Yolanda Adams said that sometimes you have to just say the Word over and over again. Life and death lies in the power of the tongue.
God reveals himself to you through His word. It’s right there. We all have the power to tap into His promises. We all have the power to have a wonderful relationship with Him- one in which He talks to us and guides us. But that can’t happen without some work on our part.

I’ve been praying for a better relationship. I’ve been asking God to teach me how to listen to Him. Teach me how to hear You and without a shadow of a doubt know that it is You. Since I’ve prayed that prayer, God has shown me that I have to read His Word. I have to set out time for Him. I need to confess it and believe it. I need to pray to Him and also simply talk to Him. I also have to praise Him, not just at church. But at home, in my car, even at my desk.

Bottom line: Ask and you definitely will receive. Read the word. Get to know God for yourself.

4 thoughts on “>Convictions

  1. >I know what you mean. I try to pray everyday and I write in my prayer journal nightly(at least I used to). When things were really going bad in my life(last year) I did this every single day. Now that things are going good, I've slacked in a major way. That's not acceptable to me. Imagine if God slacked on us? I need to remember that he's ALWAYS there for us and I need to talk to him all the time, not just when things are going rough or I need/want something.

  2. >Umm yeah, I'm def slacking in this area. You probably wouldn't think i use to be married to a youth pastor. I know. I'm horrible. Sorry.I attempted to find a church home when I got to Cali. Stopped at Church numero uno. I couldnt. Since, I tap into T.D Jakes when I'm feeling empty. I love his teachings but sometime I miss praise and worship. I'm a different kinda church goer/member. I can't have people all up in my space/and or business (including what are my plans for the weekend, Why?). [shrugs]…Sincerely, Go

  3. >I can definitely dig this. It's weird…I have felt as if God has been calling me for a minute. We had been estranged for some time b/c I couldn't figure out why the things that I would pray for were not coming to fruition…or not according to my schedule. I was angry. Well, I have been trying to renew my relationship lately, but mainly b/c I have been feeling out of sorts. But now there's this guilt that stares me in the face b/c I feel as if I only call on Him when I've hit the bottom.

  4. >@MzInspiredMind81 – Yes! I know exactly what you mean. When things go wrong, God is the first person we run to. But when things are on the up and up, he seems to be put on the backburner. I think that is something that we ALL deal with.Thanks for stopping by! 🙂@Sincerely,Go – LOL @ "You probably wouldn't think i use to be married to a youth pastor. I know. I'm horrible. Sorry. You are soooo funny to me! But seriously? Wow, how was it being married to a pastor? Did you feel your relationship with God was stronger? Yeah, praise and worship is a must. It's one of the ways that we stay connected to God. :)And I'm the same way. Church folk are some of the NOSIEST people I've come across. I'm just saying!@LB – Yep, I went through that also. Still do. It feels like I'm stronger, spiritually, when my life is in shambles. We gotta train ourselves to be strong ALL the time. We don't want God to have to continue to humble us just so that we'll pray. :)And I feel that call also. Sometimes its frustrating because I don't really understand it. There is just this strong desire and thirst for Him. Anywho! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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